Eliminate the Digital Gap
between Big Banks and
Small Financial Institutions

Our Mission

Espalier is more than just a software provider. Our mission is to become a technology partner for community banks and credit unions ($1 billion and under AUM) as they compete with consolidation and centralization.

Introducing Layer

Espalier partners with Layer to offer a SaaS banking platform that will digitally transform your bank or credit union.
Layer works with financial institutions in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East — serving 25 million end users across 20 countries — and has teamed up with industry giants Mastercard and Railsbank.
The Layer platform sits on top of your existing core system rather than within, providing you with maximum flexibility at minimal risk and expense.

Digital Solutions for an Evolving Industry

Core providers constrain what banks can do, and how quickly they can do it. The big banks have become technology companies that also provide financial services. And now, customers expect digital and mobile self-service options, personalized to their specific financial needs and goals. Small financial institutions know they have to adapt, but often aren’t sure where to begin.

Espalier can help you get started

Products and Services

Smarter Money Management

Transfer extra funds in customers' accounts to investments so they can earn higher interest, and offer budgeting tools when they need to save for those bigger purchases.

Card Issuing and Digital Wallets

The way we pay has changed. In addition to debit and credit cards, provide customers with secure single-use virtual cards and convenient digital wallet capability.

Custom Tools Just for Your Needs

We're proud to supply a wide variety of products and services, but if you're looking for something that we don't offer yet, then we'll be happy to create it, just for you.

Ready to close that Digital Gap?

Deliver a better customer experience and compete with the big banks again.
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